Acer Switch Alpha 12 Review

Acer Switch Alpha 12 Rating

Acer Switch Alpha 12 Rating












            • Good Design
            • Excellent Performance


            • Not Good Stensil
            • Not Enough plug-ins

            We take a look at the Acer Switch 12 Alpha laptop. We review the laptop based on the special features that make it unique. The article further mentions the detailed specifications of the laptop and its price.
            Switch Alpha 12 is Acer’s 2-in 1 offering. Through this venture, Acer has managed to give its competitors Microsoft and HP a run for their money in the segment.

            The 2-in one laptop operates as a stand-alone tablet when detached from the keyboard. The laptop comes with a backlit keyboard which is a great plus for this segment.

            The Switch Alpha 12 sports a 12-inch liquid-cooled display, the first of its kind. The screen resolution is 2,160 x 1,440 QHD.

            The tablet is 9.5mm thick and runs on Windows 10. The tablet weighs 0.9kg alone, and the weight goes up to 1.4kg with the keyboard. The tablet-cum-laptop comes with a 165-degree angled kickstand roughened up at the bottom to prevent slippage while in use.

            The wide-viewing angle provided by the screen makes it fun to watch movies with friends and family. On the gaming front, the laptop functions smoothly for light games containing still images while playing.

            The touch is efficient, speedy, and responsive as any other tablet.

            The Switch Alpha 12 is a sleek, structured product that runs on Intel Core I series processors from i3 to i7. The aesthetic laptop comes with an 8GB RAM and a 512GB solid state drive. The laptop is powered by Intel’s integrated HD Graphics 520 solutions.

            For connectivity, it has one USB-C port accompanied by a USB-3.0 port.

            The liquid cooled feature is one of a kind that makes the detachable tablet leaner, meaner and quieter than its counterparts. Moreover, this feature prevents dust from entering the system thus, making it less prone to repairs.
            The Switch Alpha 12 is a pocket-friendly device. It is available at $600 on Amazon. This makes it an affordable device compare to its Microsoft and HP counterparts. Acer has evidently succeeded in making technology available to more people with this price range.

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