Apple MacBook 12-inch Review

Apple MacBook 12-inch Rating

Apple MacBook 12-inch Rating












            • Really good display size
            • High-quality graphics
            • Long battery life


            • Shallow keyboard
            • Not Enough plug-ins
            • Poor design

            The Minimalistic Approach

            The 12-inch MacBook features alone USB-C port which also serves as the power connector. This is a minimalistic approach to a laptop set up. While the previous MacBooks have multiple ports that added an appealing factor to their make, this minimalistic notebook has a comparatively simpler make. It is a laptop that anyone from kids to the elderly can use without facing any difficulty. This laptop is being compared to its predecessors with added features, but this notebook is perfection in the humblest form.

            The Hardware

            The standard 1.1GHz model which has an Intel Core m3 processor makes the system function efficiently. The standard 8GB of RAM adds to the finesse of the laptop, and so does the flash storage. The laptop runs considerably warm even under multi operations by the user. Given that this laptop has no fan, the performance is not deterred. For a laptop so small, the speakers are excellent. The quality of sound produced from this laptop will make you think that you heard sounds right out of stereo speakers.

            The Skylake Processors have enabled a ten-hour battery life for this notebook.

            The Appeal & Outlook

            The keys of this MacBook are of a good size, but they look squeezed compared to the MacBook Pro. The loose spacing of the keys seems amiss on this notebook. Space grey exterior looks slender, sleek and neat. The keys are installed on a darker matte grey that goes with the lighter space grey that outlines the keyboard. The most impressive thing about this laptop, however, is the TrackPad. The TrackPad is the signature feature of the MacBooks that blends in with the sheen exterior of the laptop.

            Display & Resolution

            This masterpiece of a laptop has the Apple’s Retina display. A technology that provides the Apple products with the coveted display that they are proud of. This MacBook has a 2304×1440 resolution at 226 pixels per inch, which provides an amazing screen experience.


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