Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Review

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Rating

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Rating












            • Decent Style
            • Great quality
            • Good warranty


            • Not suitable for video games
            • Not much safe-keeping
            • Expensive

            The Construction

            The typing experience remains stereotypical to the apple’s standard. Regardless of the smaller keys of 1mm, typing on the Air is as easy as ever The 13-inch Air is equipped with an SD card slot, Thunderbolt 2, two USB 3.0 ports on its sides. The plentiful ports and slots provided in the MacBook are practical and convenient. The MagSafe charger connector is not to be overlooked. This unique installation to the notebook is a revolutionary idea. The Air’s Core i5-5250U processor is a contributing factor the lasting battery life of the Macbook Air.  The inbuilt hard drive is built to 128 GB while the inbuilt 4GB ram is upgradable to an additional 8 GB. The Bluetooth 4.0 feature has an excellent connectivity extension.

            The Outstanding Battery Life

            There is no denying that Apple’s products resonate a great battery life. This 2015 model also fits the divide. On the Laptop Mag Battery Test, this MacBook lasted a colossal 14 hours!. This is impressive considering that this laptop can go on without charge for more than half a day!

            The Outlook with Sheen!

            At 2.98 pounds, the Mac book Air is light to carry around all day without feeling like it weighs you down. It comes in a single colour of silver-grey unlike its previous version of the Mac Book (which comes in three colours), with a smooth finish on the outside that transcends to the inside. This highlights the darker keys of the keyboard and makes them stand out against the comparatively lighter frame. With an outstandingly clear resolution of 1440 x 900-pixels, the user can see the resolute perfection of images on the screen. The user-friendly interface and the glitch free performance are noteworthy about the Apple MacBook Air.

            While it has all the pros that make it a preferred buy, the best feature of the Mac Book will remain its outstanding battery life that makes it preferred by traditional apple and non-apple users alike.

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