MSI GE62 VR (GTX 1060) Review

MSI GE62 VR (GTX 1060) Laptop Rating

MSI GE62 VR (GTX 1060) Laptop Rating












            • High-quality safe-keeping
            • Great Style
            • Good display size


            • Not great for video games
            • Poor quality
            • Poor quality

            The RAM inside our GE62 VR (GTX 1060) review model was maxed out at 64GB of dual-channel DDR4-2400, in a four-16GB-DIMM configuration. A full-on mechanical keyboard has been the sign of this line since its inception. The problem with IPS is that panels of this type haven’t yet appeared with high refresh rates and low response times in notebooks. This is actually the first laptop to utilize these. These differences didn’t quite result in real-world usage, though. Clearly, the GT83VR’s thermals were created for that.


            Twin fans expel air through vents positioned at the trunk corners of the GT73VRs chassis. Its small sensor means limited low-light quality, though.



            Were disappointed by having less dedicated gaming macro keys, however. On the left side may be the cooling exhaust, three USB 3.0 Type-A ports, in addition to the line-out, line-in, microphone, and headphone jacks.
            The “GT” naming convention can be used on performance cars to point they’re premium models with extra power. The starting configuration of the MSI GT83VR, model GT83VR 7RE, drops $900 and the dual GeForce GTX 1080 graphics of 7RF model and only dual GTX 1070s, keeping all of those other specs the same.
            In any event,   aside from four times the total amount.      400MHz, a little bump over the two 2,  80mm long).       Hitting 1,
            We recorded set up a baseline score of 9,144.
            At least, we want to start to see the latter. The sound made by the coolant system doesn’t appear to contend with in-game sounds.    )

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