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Sony Vaio P Mini Laptop Rating

Sony Vaio P Mini Laptop Rating












            • Really good resolution
            • Great guarantee
            • Great Battery Life


            • Poor images
            • Not great for video games
            • Not a great deal Ram

            Sony, and more specially the VAIO brand, is well known because of its stylish design and the Sony VAIO Fit is all too pleased to surpass that claim. As the speakers were able to provide clear quality, the sound can be shallow and without bass.

            There are other issues aswell. It doesnt help that there surely is hardly any palm rest space on these devices. That is clearly a demanding test, and in real-life cases, the Sony Vaio Duo 13 can last users long enough between charge opportunities that battery life shouldnt be a concern.



            However, priced just shy of $1,000, users could be searching for a little more from the Sony VAIO Fit. Much like any trackpad, it supports multi-touch and comes with an appropriate sensitivity level, but it’s just so small. That aside, it’s impressive that Sony could achieve such a solid screen on a hybrid device with an impression and active digitizer. It’s a slider. Actually, the Duo Sense we reviewed in July still worked in November with the same battery, albeit without usage through the months among.
            The pen interacts with Windows 8 in odd ways. Both are suitable device cameras, and the front-facing lens is angled well for video chat when in laptop mode. The bottom model ships with 4GB of RAM, but Sony offers a lift up to 8GB.


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